Fees for Recycling

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Dear Valued Customers:

We regret to have to inform you that Earth Waste and Metal has implemented a fee structure to handle recyclables.

The fee structure will be similar to household trash fees.

We will continue to sort segregate as much as possible during the initial period, as we believe sort segregation of recycling is the most effective method to keep the product free of contaminants, potentially marketable, and out of landfills.

Fees are designed to cover the cost to man the station, bail the materials, store materials, ship the items, and in some cases to pay to transport to another recycler which incurs an additional fee paid per ton for the materials.

We understand that the fees are difficult for customers to conceive.   However, we are facing a situation where by some markets are no longer accepting materials and/or paying significantly less for the materials that they do accept.  If and when we ship cardboard, plastic, newspaper etc., we have already significant investment into the product and the market does not offset those costs any longer.

We recognize that slowly domestic markets may respond and begin to find new uses for some of the commodities.  Until that time we must adjust to the new global economy.  We appreciate the support of our employees.  Now, we need the support of our community and customers, to ensure that the five Washington county transfer stations continue to thrive as they serve the public.

Earth Waste encourages all to recycle because it is best to keep the reusable waste out of the landfills.  We will continue to take scrap metal for free.

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