Brandon, VT

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Brandon Transfer Station

61 Corona ST
Brandon, VT 05733

Days/Hours of Operation:
Tuesday from 10am to 3pm, Thursday from Noon to 6pm, Saturday from 8am to 1pm

PLEASE NOTE:  2019 RCSWD Hazardous Waste Days at Brandon Transfer Station will be 8am to 11am on the following Saturdays:
April 27th
June 22nd
October 26th

What We Accept


  • Free of Charge. Items accepted include glass, aluminum, tin, plastic 1&2, plastic 3-7, newspaper, magazines, cardboard, boxboard.


  • Under 16” $3.00 
  • 16” – 36” $6.00 
  • 36” – 52” $15.00 
  • Over 52” $45.00 

Bagged household trash

  • 0 – 16 lbs 2.50 flat minimum charge
  • Over 16 lbs add $.15/lb 
  • Unbagged/loose items, $.15/lb
  • Porcelain, plastics, rugs $.15/lb  
  • Appliances With Freon $15 each: Refrigerators, Freezers, Air Conditioners, Dehumidifiers
  • Furniture: Mattresses, box springs $20.00 each piece, $5.00 crib size, Couches: $20.00, Love seat $15, Recliners: $15.00 

FOOD WASTE: $.15/lb.
YES! These go in the bin:
• Fruits and vegetables
• Eggs, eggshells, milk, cheese, butter, dairy
• Meat, bones, shells, fish
• Dressing, condiments, sauces, soups
• Bread, pasta, pastries
• Nuts (including shells), spices, oils
• Coffee grounds/filters, tea bags
Paper products • Packaging & containers • Plastic bags
Florist flowers • PLU stickers • Rubber bands & twist ties

Construction Materials &Tanks 
Grindable Materials, Sorted Asphalt, Treated Wood: $65.00 per yard  (Grindable=Sheetrock, shingles, wood, plaster, tile)

  • Helium Tanks: $2.00 ea.
  • Propane tanks: $10.00 per 20 lb tank

$1.00 smaller tanks; (LP gas tanks and cylinders only; 20 lb size limit. Remove valves from all tanks.) 


  • Batteries each: car/truck $5.00; Motorcycle $3.00, Small/power tool$1.00, Rechargeable $.25FREE ITEMS:
    -Compost (yard waste, leaves, or grass)
    -Untreated/unpainted wood (size limit applies)
    -Scrap metal (empty of fluids; nails/small items in closed container)
    -Appliances (items without freon)
    -Recycling (plastics, glass, tin & aluminum cans, junk mail,
    office paper, cardboard, boxboard, magazines, newspaper)

    -E-WASTE (computers and related devices)

    *Alternate location for items not accepted: Rutland County Solid Waste District on Gleason Road in Rutland accepts oil from district residents for free…Mon-Sat, 7am to 3pm

    NOTE: Electronics are NO LONGER taken at this location
    All prices subject to change