Metal Recycling

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Our Core Business: Preserving Resources for Future Generations

At Earth Waste & Metal, we understand that the future of our planet and the quality of life for future generations depends on our group efforts. With unparalleled regional logistics, expertise and equipment, Earth Waste & Metal leads the way in the recovery, processing and merchanting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in northern New England and upstate New York. We aggressively purchase and sell all scrap metal materials including junk vehicles. We provide on-site recovery and container services.

Our customers and suppliers include industrial and commercial businesses, government organizations, solid waste districts and individuals. Earth Waste & Metal complies with all local, state, and federal environmental laws and regulations.

Detailed List of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals We Recycle:

Aluminum – Mixed/OldAluminum SidingAluminum IronyAluminum FinsAluminum ExtrusionAluminum CastAluminum Insulated Wire


Aluminum Wheels


Litho Sheet

Aluminum Turnings

Al Copper Radiators

1-S Wire

Aluminum (Road) Signs

Aluminum ClipsAluminum BumpersAluminum RadiatorsBrass RedBrass YellowC-MetalCopper Bare Bright

Copper #1

Copper #2

Copper #3

Copper Wire Hi Yield

Copper Wire Low Yield

Copper Bearing

Insulated Copper #1

Insulated Copper #2

Copper Radiators

CarbideTitaniumElectric MotorsHeater CoresLead Wheel WeightsMixed LeadDiecast


Converters Bead

Converters Honeycomb


Car Rims

Stainless 304

Stainless 400 Magnetic Series

Stainless 316 Pipe

1 Steel OS#2 Steel Prepared#2 Steel OversizedP&S OversizedP&S 5’Light IronBushling

Drums & Rotors

Junk Cars

Motors (UMB)


Tin Cans

Cast Iron #1

Cast Iron #2

Cast Iron Rotors / Drums

This is a partial listing of items Earth Waste and Metal purchases. For more
information or questions on other non-ferrous items, please call a scrap facility nearest you.